Create A Year Of Blog Content In Just One Day

Hey there you…yes you, with the awesome smile, how’s it going? 🙂 Yani here, and before I get into today’s topic, let me just say that regardless of the kind of day you’re having, the fact that you’re able to read this means you already have multiple reasons to smile. You have your vision (that’s a biggie right there), you have access to the internet (many people today still don’t) and you’re able to – at least think about – working on improving your financial situation by employing entrepreneurial methods that don’t even occur to most people to do; so stuck they are in the 9-5 mentality. So just take a second, close your eyes, and think about something that makes you insanely happy, and just SMILE. You deserve to. 🙂

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Okay, so….blogging. Most people have the idea that blogging is hard because they have zero idea of how to keep consistent with it. Whether it’s daily, or weekly, people tend to think that they will, in the very short term, run out of content ideas to post, and the blog will die an ugly cyberspace death. This is so untrue. The truth is, creating blog content is not that hard, and guess what you can definitely do it, there’s absolutely no excuses. In fact I can help you create a year’s worth of content in just one day that’s right you read correctly…a year of content in one day. So let’s get started.

First, you want to go to your Facebook page or to your audience and you are going to crowd source questions and pain points. So ask people what they need help with right now, what’s their biggest challenge, what questions do they have that you have an answer to. Once you’ve collected all of those you can add in a few of your own and I find that just reading other people’s questions pain points challenges suggestions for you gives you a lot of new ideas of your own as well. So write all of those out in a list and then spend about an hour to going through and writing a few points that you want to cover for your answer to each of those questions or to each of those pain points or challenges that my audience is facing.

Next up, get ready to sit in front of your camera (your phone can work as well) and before you look at me like “Yani, ain’t no WAY I’m getting in front a camera to record!” 😳 you just want to record these and not put them out on YouTube which is completely up to you. I’m going to share with you how you can just turn your videos into written content so if you’re not going to release them as videos doesn’t matter how you look but you’re going to sit in front of your webcam you’re going to hit record turn it on and you are just going to go through question by question and just make sure that you hit on those few points that you outlined when you created your list of questions that you wanted to give answers to. Make sure and speak clearly and not too quickly, so that you are understandable. It’s important for later on.

So by this point after recording all of your answers you have two options on getting your video into a written format. Option One: What you do is you go to a hiring platform like Elance com or you can use as well and you can hire someone to do transcriptions. So what you’ll do is send them this video that you’ve created where you’ve just gone through all of these questions and your answers to them and they will give you back a transcription of everything that you talked about and said in your video, it’s awesome!

Option Two: This is my favorite, because it’s free, and I love free. 🙂 So this option is YouTube. I know, I know. I said you aren’t putting your videos out there for the word to see, and you still aren’t. You upload your video but make sure you select “unlisted” so nobody but you can see it. After you get your YouTube url, go to this awesome website called, where you will be able to get the closed caption script for your entire video instantly! Cool, huh? Now all that’s left to do is edit your script, and there’s a lifesaver of a video on YouTube that shows you how. Check it out HERE. Make sure that the grammar and everything is correct because sometimes when you’re talking you don’t talk how you would necessarily want to write, but remember before how I said to speak clearly when making the video? That will make sure you have very little editing to do later.

So this is how I often create content, and so my actionable for you is to crowd source some content and spend a few hours recording your answers to all of the questions that you get asked by your audience and then transcribing and editing them so that you can create loads and loads of content all in one day. Now I want to hear from you do you have a content strategy that could help our community create lots of amazing content? If you do put it in a comment below if you liked this post I would love for you to share it with your friends and for my FREE “How To Make $500 In 5 Days” course, make sure and CLICK HERE and put in your best email so I can send it across ASAP! That’s it from me, see you next time, and don’t forget to stay awesome! 😉

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