How To Get Unlimited FREE Money Making Content Within Minutes!

In this post we will be focusing on content creation – how to quickly create top quality content  without paying anything or putting too much effort into it.

Quality Content Is King

Quality Content is king

There is an old saying that content is king; the veracity of that statement has been disputed by top SEO marketers especially in light of google’s recent algorithm changes; it cannot be disputed farther as Bill Gates is often quoted as saying ‘content is king’.

Be that as it may, content is still king in driving free traffic because free traffic comes from the search engines; and the purpose of the search engines is to provide quality information to her users. This is where content still becomes king in the internet marketing space.

For a website to constantly stay on top of the search engines, it needs to be constantly updated with fresh content. While some folks may dispute this, it is still settled that a site which is updated with fresh content regularly dominates its niche in the SERPS and the readers love it.

The unfortunate issue with content marketing is that a lot has been written, so the question now comes, what is fresh content, or what type of content makes the search engines love your site?

Recently, lots of savvy internet marketers resorted to spinning contents in order to constantly update their websites and blogs but were caught up with the search engines as their articles were rather non readable and meaningless thereby defeating the purpose of the search engines. These type of articles made the web an information mess.

Later came in paid writers which still exist today. Though, some writers are quite cheap while others are really expensive. In other to get a top quality article, it is going to cost you some amount of money. But you can do it yourself; that is the purpose of this write-up.

You Can Create Better And Top Quality Content Easily.

Like I said earlier, a lot of content has been written on virtually every topic you can think of in the world and these content are freely available on the web. However, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you simply copy and paste another person’s content unto your website. So what is the trick to getting better articles for publication on your blog or website if you don’t want to crank out ideas from your brain? The answer is simple: making use of private label rights article (PLR) and re-writing it.

Quality Content Writing Technique.

How to write quality content

Rewriting PLR articles is not something that is new, it is something that has been and will continue to be. Smart marketers’ use this method constantly publish fresh content on their website/blogs and continually get free traffic from the search engines. It makes the job of getting fresh content regularly on your site.

I thought that I could get original content for my site and stand-out from the crowd by paying writers from content writing sites like iwriter, articlebuilder, etc, but to say the least, I was disappointed; what I found out is that all of them makes use of PLR contents and spin them to make them pass copyscape test. Most of the articles still read as spun content, though some of the writers are clever to make some editing to make them look more readable, some are totally useless, that is I say you can do it too. Moreover, these services are not free as it comes with some costs attached to it.

How To Turn PLR Into Fresh Content.

quality content questions to ask

PLR articles are carefully written content that are free to use by anyone. That is why if you copy any piece of it and paste into a plagiarism checker, it produces quite a number of results. So how do we turn these into unique content? If you guessed spinning, you are not totally wrong, however, it is not just spinning; it is spinning and rewriting.

Though there are lots of spinners that promises to spin articles and make it completely unique and readable, yet after spinning an article, in order to get the best out of it you need to edit it and make necessary correction before using it on your site.

To sum it up, there are two viable options that makes getting unique content possible first, get a PLR article and re-write it on your own by using the ideas and sentence construction pattern it used, and second, is to spin it with available free spinners here and reconstruct the areas that needs amendment.

“Whichever you find it easier, the better for you, but the easiest way I have found is open up the plr article and your word doc side-by-side and rewrite the original content using the ideas from it; or after spin, you edit the content but keeping the original idea”.

This is the free spinner I use when I spin my articles or you can use the other one I recommended earlier depending on the output it gave you at the time of spinning

Where And How To Get PLR Content Free.

There are lots of people offering these type of contents in bits and pieces but I have never seen any generous one as close as this. This site here offers up to two hundred thousand (200, 000) free PLR articles. These articles obviously cuts across around 1,000 niches, so there is virtually lots of popular niches already covered.

While some sites make getting this type of content a membership site where you pay monthly fees to access them, it is not advisable to do so as you can literally get them free from this site. More so, it comes with its recommended free spinners that will give the best quality spun content with minimal effort to edit if you ever want to depending on the purpose and use of the articles.

If you really want to be a prolific author or writer, I will advise you to go for a larger package of these articles that offer over 1.2 million PLR articles in over 1,000 niches for a one time fee that is incomparable to other content writing services. This is the largest offers of its kind that I have ever seen for a single price. It will really save you a lot of time off the internet searching or buying bits and pieces from other websites.

For instance, iwriter which is the cheapest article writing service requires you to add a balance of $20 before you start writing and the least amount you can spend there is $1.25 for a 150 words article; how many of these are you going to write to get something reasonable.

On the other hand, articlebuilder goes for an annual fee of $97, and the last time I used it to get articles, only 8 – 12 % of the content were unique, so what is the essence of paying for them. It will be better to get a larger package like this one here and have them in your library so you can use them whenever, however and wherever you want.

What to do with PLR content.

A lot of persons are already benefiting from private label rights articles. The idea is working smart and not harder. Most of these articles can be of useful information to your subscribers even if you are not a blogger. One I know is that even though these information is free available on the internet, it more valuable to someone when provided in an organised manner.

  • Create ebooks
  • Create information products
  • add top quality and informative content to membership sites
  • create blog post when rewritten and spun
  • Use for your PBNs
  • Use as bonuses to products you promote or sell
  • Use as content for your video descriptions

A lot of persons create top quality information products (ebooks) from plr articles by simply compiling and organising them in an orderly manner. In fact, I have bought products that were made in that manner may be you have too. I came to realise this when I compiled this package of plr content.

The decision is your now. You have two options: pay content writers/buy content/steal other people’s content; or lay the largest package of plr content on the internet without a monthly fee.



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