Affiliate Marketing Definition: What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a small income online or create a business that can make you a big fortune. This business model is one of the easiest ways to start generating an income and build an online business. There is no or little investment needed to start and you don’t need to be an expert to get going.

This may sound too good to be true but you really can run a business from a laptop anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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Affiliate marketing is a business that has the ability to be repeatable once you develop a system that has given you results. Once you have the pieces in place you will then duplicate and reuse those promotions over and over again. By cloning your promotions you have created a system you can use to make you money anytime you want.

So, why isn’t everyone doing this and becoming an affiliate marketer?

The answer is simple. Most people don’t understand what it is and even if they do they think it is too hard and don’t want to put the work in to create a profitable system.

That’s right…. I said there is work involved in creating the system.

There is a misconception that anyone can make money online with the push of a button with no effort involved. They are not willing to invest in the tools and training to make this a successful business.

If you are willing to put in the work and create the system you will be successful.

This is good because that leaves more buyers and profits for you to make money from.

You have taken the first step in creating your online future by getting this book. Inside this training guide you will learn everything you need to know about in order to set up your

Here is what you’ll learn inside this affiliate marketing Article

 What affiliate marketing is and exactly how it works

 Explain the myths around affiliate marketing so you can succeed

 Lean to simplify your affiliate marketing journey to create real business

 How to separate yourself from the crowd and stand out

 Why you should be using a bonus page for your affiliate marketing

 How to easily create that AWESOME bonus people want

 How to drive traffic to your offers and make a profit

 How to duplicate and automate this process for bigger commissions!


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The first question is to understand what affiliate marketing is and why you should be doing it.

Let’s start with the CONCEPT.

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple: You are selling a product or service for others. Being an affiliate marketer means you are selling other peoples products and services to your email list for commission. Yes, you are doing the marketing campaign for other vendors products to be sold to the public. In other words affiliate marketing gives you the avenue to earn commissions through promoting other peoples or companies’ products.

You can start by choosing a product you like, promote it in the most efficient way you can and make a sizable profit for your efforts. It’s as easy as pie right?

Through affiliate marketing, you are able to accomplish three things for three different people. First, you are making yourself feel good for earning a commission. Second, you’re helping a company or other people to gain new customers that they don’t already have. Finally, you are making a new satisfying experience to your customers for discovering a product from you that can really be helpful and desirable.

Let’s make it clear. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. In fact, it can be done quickly with a profitable outcome without the need for a big email list to drive traffic to the offer and doesn’t need to have a huge budget.

So, without having to need those things, what should we have to make a profit from affiliate marketing?

A sense of creativity and a good work ethic will take you a long way when you apply them to the proper strategies.

Remember, that you don’t have to create your own product, because someone else already did!

Since you are not the one creating the product, you also don’t need to invest your own time and effort in creating the product to sell. And since it’s not your product you don’t need to provide any kind of support.

If you are ready to commit to putting in a few hours to learn the proper strategies to stand out from the crowd, you can start promoting quality products as an affiliate and start earning commissions as soon as today.

All you have to do is send traffic through an affiliate link to that product. Then wait just wait for the money to roll in.

The next question here is how you are going to be paid out for sending all these new customers to the product creator. Selling products for other people means that you are earning for yourself as well without the headaches of being a product vendor. So, everyone who does affiliate marketing needs to have an affiliate link where all your payments and purchases made are tracked. Then you get paid with commissions based on the number of sales.

An affiliate network serves to work as the middleman between affiliates and the business affiliate programs. An affiliate network helps the website publishers or the affiliates to look for affiliate programs that are suitable for their website or following and participate in these programs for the purpose of generating income out of their products. So, the main role of these affiliate programs is to gain a larger audience by allowing other websites offering affiliate programs and do the promotion to all other affiliates or publishers participating within an affiliate network.

The Purpose of Affiliate Networks

An affiliate network serves to work as the middleman between affiliates and the business affiliate programs. An affiliate network helps the website publishers or the affiliates to look for affiliate programs that are suitable for their website or following and participate in these programs for the purpose of generating income out of their products. So, the main role of these affiliate programs is to gain a larger audience by allowing other websites offering affiliate programs and do the promotion to all other affiliates or publishers participating within an affiliate network.

As what we have mentioned about how an affiliate gets paid, affiliate networks give a way for the entrepreneurs to offer a share for affiliates based on how much revenue is produced by the vendors coming from visitors to affiliates’ sites who are usually doing purchasing and other things that require a fee. Affiliate networks serve entrepreneurs in many ways such as tracking technology, reporting tools, processing of payments and connections to more affiliates and publishers.

There are many myths flying around the affiliate marketing space about how to be successful, how hard it is to be successful and what you actually need to have a successful affiliate marketing business.

Myths About Affiliate Marketing

In this section we will break the myth barriers and show you that you are only a few steps away from breaking out in of all the mysteries and negativity and prove to yourself that this is a viable home business opportunity.

Size Of Email List

The size of your email list is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. People say you need a HUGE list to make money with affiliate marketing. NOT TRUE!

The quality of the list is more important than the size. Just because you can mail to 100,000 subscribers does not mean you will make any sales. Having a list of buyers is 100 times better than having a list of subscribers that have only opted in for a free report.

Now, those free subscribers can and will make purchases but someone that has already purchased from you are already starting to trust you and will make more purchases because you have recommended it to them.

So the bigger the email list with buyers will in turn produce your higher commissions and profits from your efforts to deliver quality and value to them.

It’s not just about delivering promotions to them all the time but also giving them advice and showing them results. But sending clickable links in every email is important to have them view your recommendations regularly.

Emailing daily is a must to keep you and your brand at the top of your subscribers mind and inbox. Don’t let yourself get forgotten.  If you are not emailing your list AT LEAST once a day you are leaving money on the table.

When people first begin making a new email list and check how many subscribers they have. They tend to see an email list with a huge number of subscribers as a successful one. Well, at some point it’s important but not the sole measurement of a successful affiliate email campaign. In fact, many marketers worry and do their best to maintain their overall number of subscribers on their lists. Keeping subscribers is important but it’s not the only stats to focus on.

There are other metrics that you should consider to determine how good your email list is and how good your email campaign is such as message open rates, clicks through your links and sales conversions

Technical Barriers

Someone who’s starting to be an affiliate marketer might think about creating their first blog, making a niche website, or establishing an online store because these websites are platforms to generate profits. These websites will be more likely to require your precious time and specific skills and knowledge and every from of website has their own issues particularly in starting to make profits online.

Setting up your own blog might be simple and easy from the start but it’s not the same story as you go through the process. How to secure a good number of viewers to your articles is the biggest problem for newbie bloggers.

It’s definitely hard to engage enough eyeballs when you are creating your new blog. You have to realize that you are competing in a huge and populated market that makes for very tough competition. One relief is making and offering a unique product, however you have to deal with facts and provide satisfying information to the never-ending questions. Knowing what your audiences really want is your ultimate goal in promoting your product.

Also, don’t forget that you are selling something that is not tangible. You have to work on your revenues from ads and from other working affiliate links in your blog. However, if you really want to generate real profits you have to create a massive audience.

Niche websites are also easy to make but it is also the same reason why the competition is greater. In order to get a large number of visitors to your sites, you have to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) skills since search engine traffic contributes to a large part of total traffic going to a niche site. SEO can be time consuming and is always changing. You can outsource this to always stay in the search engine rankings.

These are just examples of websites and technical issues. Meanwhile, you keep on thinking that technical knowledge, selling skills and some abstract issues are the biggest hindrance to start your career in affiliate marketing. Well, these issues are something that can be overcome and solved by a good work ethic and your determination to be a successful affiliate marketer. Don’t let them get in your way to having a business you really want.

Bonuses – How do they do it? How To Use Bonuses In Your Affiliate Marketing

Bonuses are designed to persuade your potential customer into buying a product through your affiliate link and not from another affiliate.

If the customers can get something that adds value or the bonuses are more valuable than the product selling price, surely it will be converted into improved conversions for you.

Bonuses mean more value to the original offer. In fact most of the time, bonuses are usually worth more than what the products are worth.

Yes, you are selling the same thing as other affiliates servicing the same market. However, by having bonuses that are truly valuable, customers would prefer your offer. Everyone seems to be convinced that this will be the case due to the features and benefits offered by the product. Having a well-written bonus offer page could make the promotion come together easier. Bonuses give a greater incentive for the customers to purchase through your link.

Bonuses are obviously designed and implemented with the aim to increase sales and they must be readily available and accessible to all customers upon completion of their purchase. The concept of using bonuses is easy to create and implement and the result is both rewarding and profitable.

How To Create Your Bonuses For Your Affiliate Marketing Promotions

Here are some ways for you to create bonuses. To start with, doing it by yourself is actually the easiest way to create a bonus offer, though a little bit of effort is needed to prepare for it just like doing a little research for your special report. Preparation saves money. You don’t need to spend much in making the bonus available to the customers when you do it yourself.

Another and easier route that is also often used in in affiliate marketing is the use of Private Label Rights. Private Label Rights are products where the content is already prepared and you can actually buy its ownership.

This is a good choice if you don’t have your own content yet. This would save time and effort and you can use it as your bonus right away. You are given the option to edit it if you want to make it more unique and brand yourself and your business.

What about creating a number of different bonus items?

It’s actually possible even if you don’t have enough resources. Negotiating a joint venture with other affiliates can be very beneficial to both of you if follow this route. This becomes a viable option when affiliates in one joint venture add individual bonuses to create a great bonus offering to your customers. But of course the return of investment from a joint venture must be fairly distributed to each affiliate. This strategy enables you to secure a sale by giving the costumers more than what they have paid.

Creativity creates promotions that will stand out from the crowd

Creativity is the act of making new and imaginative ideas into reality. Thus, we need to think of new ideas to make an edge with other affiliates and a good designed promotion to outrun these other affiliates. A great bonus and promotion are definitely good ideas.

A lot of top marketers only email once or twice during a product launch. You want to make sure that you mail for the entire promotion so you take over the momentum of all your hard work to promote the launch.

For example if you are promoting a launch you want to make sure you email everyone for the entire launch period. Because a lot of people will only mail for a couple of days and then move on to something else. So you can pick up on that traffic and back the entire promotion that would help you show your support and quality of the product you are promoting. It’s like you are supporting a product a 100% like its your own.

So there are things that we use in an affiliate marketing campaign. We have used a specific email delivery schedule designed to be sent in a certain way to your subscribers. It shows your support for the product and increases scarcity to influence subscribers to make their purchase

before it ends. This method has been used by top affiliate marketers and is proven to increase affiliate sales commission even at the end of the launch promotion, which for most affiliates is the lowest point of their promotion.

As we get through the promotion we send more emails, we get more attention and it separates us from anyone else. If you continue to drive traffic properly you can capitalize on that because many others are not doing that.

Rinse and Repeat — Create clones of successful campaigns.

When you have a bonus page or campaign that converted very well for you, you want to keep the same format and you just put more products and your library of products, you can build check list, email campaigns, and you’ve got email subject lines, then you keep using those. You don’t have to use what the vendor gives you.

So just continue with the clones of successful campaigns. Start testing them but keep these successful ones handy to easily put things together and easily put those things and the bonus page together.

How to select good promotions that you can create proper campaigns

It is very important for you to take good promotions and create a proper campaign that will generate sales for you. So, selecting a proper product is very important. Choose something from a vendor that you trust. Try to be selective of the vendors you are promoting for. You look in the market place; look through the history of different vendors, communicate with the vendors, ask them questions, ask them for review access, bonuses you can use, etc. So if you do communicate with them, they will realize that you are not just going to send bad traffic but quality traffic.

Conversion rates and Earning Per Click (EPCs) is the best way to determine how well the product is performing currently or has performed

in the past. These metrics will help you determine is the product is worth spending the time to create a proper promotion or not.

When looking for products to promote inside JVZoo these metrics are available inside the Affiliate section.

Once you are in the affiliate search screen you can look for products using different criteria.

You can search by category, subcategory or you can even search for products in a certain niche, look for products on a specific topic or search by product name.

You can also search for the best selling products in the marketplace using the quick links.

When you a reviewing the metrics to determine if the product is worthy of your promotion you want to review the following:

Copies Sold: If this product has sold a lot of copies that is a good sign that this product has a proven sales funnel and is in demand.

Conversion Rate: You definitely want to choose a product that has a good conversion rate. This will determine whether your subscribers and visitors you send to the sales page will actually buy and generate commissions for you.

Earnings Per Click (EPC): This is the average earnings you will make for every click you send to the affiliate offer.

Commission Rate: This is how much percentage of the sale you will make for every sale you generate for the vendor.

Refund Rate: This stat is often one that is overlooked and can be a determining factor whether the product is of good quality. If a product has a good conversion rate and a HIGH refund rate that can indicate that the product is not well liked by the customers and the commissions you earned will be taken back.

The deciding factor is going to be how you feel about the product. It is important for you to care about what you are promoting as an affiliate and that you can get excited about the promotion. It is easier to sell something that you genuinely believe in as a good high quality product.

Don’t just promote something for the money you can make… You need to stand behind the product as if it is your own. If you are promoting low quality, questionable products that’s how you will be received by your audience.

Why You Should Be Using a Bonus Page For Your Affiliate Marketing Promotions

Promoting the same product by multiple affiliates creates a lot of competition and is not special to the typical customer and makes the customer want more for what they pay for.

It is true that customers are paying for the main product but no one can afford to say NO to a better offer with an EXTRA. To come up with a really captivating bonus offer you have to meet few standardsIt should be something that would catch the attention of your potential customers making it special from other bonus offers out there.

First and foremost, a bonus should be relevant and must fit with the original product. Say for example, if you were selling a Photoshop tutorial video and the bonus must be something in the line of the original product. Since you are targeting designers as your potential customer, the bonus should be something that would help the designers such as a design template, a tool or any helpful thing about designing is a relevant bonus. This would show the relevance of your bonus to its main product making the bonus itself useful to the main product. This is definitely a compelling reason for people to purchase through your affiliate link.

Customers Are Bonus Shopping

In the Internet online marketing niche you really need to make your bonus offers very special and valuable for anyone. A truly irresistible bonus offer means a great and interesting bargain. In order to do that, you will need a bonus that could be 5 times more than the worth of the main or original product you are promoting. It’s usually the very valuable bonuses that the customers are seeking out among all the current affiliates.

Customers are looking for the best value for the money they are spending to develop their business. The better your bonus offer is the more sales you can make. By making your bonus offer unique and valuable to help your customers the more likely they are to buy through your link.

Deliver More Value To Your Subscribers

Lastly, making your bonus rare or making it hard to find in any other place is actually a great advantage. The reason is that an exclusive bonus offer would contribute to the original products value and making it more desirable. The simple idea is to offer your customers something that they can’t find with other affiliates. In other words, be different to make your bonuses in demand and necessary. If your product would be just something very ordinary then it would not naturally make a great conversion tool.

Value and Volume

Be creative because creativity will make you unique and make your bonus stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re promoting a product that is just launching.

There are different forms of bonus offers you can choose for different purposes depending on the kind of business you are dealing with. You might want to use a bonus as an extra product or service. Then you can surely use special reports or case studies to add some value to the original product.

Special reports can be in many forms. First, it could be conducting an interview with a knowledgeable person to discuss about the product or maybe something that is relevant to the product. For instance, there are some books to help someone about something plus a transcript of the interview as a bonus. In the interview, the discussion is all about dating, and then naturally the interviewee will share some expert insights and ideas with regards to dating.

Special reports function as a teaser for the reader. And you don’t have to show the entire picture in a special report.

This would make the readers more interested and curious that as a result they end up purchasing the product.

What Are Useful Bonuses For Affiliate Promotions?

Video Training

What about guiding or providing supplementary knowledge to help the original products users? Then I think videos are what you need.

People nowadays are more exposed with a visual experience than printed or written words. In addition, videos are suited and very effective for step-by-step learning processes and tutorials.

Videos can definitely add to the value of your bonus since it helps the user to understand the product or service better and it is what they are usually looking for.

Software or Tools

If you want to make your bonus more attractive, consider using software or tools to offer great advantages as a bonus offer.

Taking price into consideration, software or tools are usually expensive. Well, there are cheaper ones of course but unfortunately these are really difficult to find. Then, when you offer a free tool as a bonus, your subscribers would definitely take the chance to make the purchase immediately.

They are categorized as rare and rarity equals exclusivity, which makes it more desirable to customers. Software and tools are always needed by customers in doing their work and an additional tool for a content creation products is easy to actually find.

A very irresistible offer for example is a product related to photography and the bonus is an editing tool, which has of high value. Also, it’s relevant to the product, making it more attractive desirable.


Just like for tools and software, this bonus works well for creative-based products. Templates can exist in many forms like a poster template, PowerPoint slides templates, etc. For poster and design templates, you can include it as a bonus to a product that is related to editing or designing. If the product were a tutorial or, perhaps a designing tool, giving them a set of templates is a great reward. Done-for-you products are very valuable.

After all, we’re living in a technology era where people value convenience. In other words, tools that help things be easier. Another bonus idea that you could use is a set of readymade templates that is related to a presentation or video recording. Let’s say you are selling an e-book that is a guide on how to make a powerful presentation. Providing them presentation templates would be a great big plus. Having this as a bonus offer will not only help the users but also give them a big push to create more content they can use. Some users have problems with designing presentation slides. To those users, the provision of templates for presentation slides is very beneficial. When you are selling something like this, you want to make it as easy as you can for the users. This will make the bonus you are offering all the more enticing.

Memberships Sites Training Series:

As you probably know by now, exclusivity sells. There is nothing more exclusive than access to exclusive content.

And what makes content exclusive?

By having to have a membership to get access to it!

Some contents of websites are limited to only members. To obtain a membership, they have to make payment. Giving the buyers of your product access to this exclusive content is a sale-closing offer. It’s giving them free access to paid content.

Create A Theme And A Hook To Entertain Your Audience

So, you want to create a theme and a hook for your bonus offer and page. You want to show your visitors that you want them to remember your offer and that you want to work hard for their money. You can make it fun with a video, you can theme your promotion with. Make it fun and exciting.

Use superheroes like we’ve done, find something that resonates with people and you can get their attention.

Create a good bonus offer that’s going to deliver both value and volume.

So people will be getting a lot of stuff as useful not as junk, you’ll have a good promotion. So you want to create good bonuses, like we said you can deliver it later, you can do the coaching call, you can do all that kind of stuff. You can do interviews, you can deliver services. Only approximately 3-5 percent will claim those services but you want to create good bonuses for your people. Increase the value, put a lot of bonuses together because like we said “they go bonus shopping”.

We have to make sure that you have good bonus that’s going to fill in the gap and they will want to buy from you and not buy from somebody else.

Create bonuses that are congruent to the offer you are promoting. When you put together your promotion, you have those crash campaigns that you put together. You can set up deals where you can find promotional value from the vendor.

Create Unique Bonuses

Creating unique bonuses is critical to having awesome bonuses that you can offer to your subscribers and customers to get more sales out of your affiliate promotions.

But this can be very scary and mind blowing if you have never created a product or something to deliver to your subscribers before. You want to make sure that you deliver quality and good content so we are going to cover how to create some unique, useful and awesome products to start building your digital asset library.

You want to create and build bonuses that are congruent to the main product you are promoting. Meaning that you want to have your bonuses related to the main product. Something that will help your subscribers make more money with the main product or make it easier for them the use it faster.

The most important thing about creating great bonuses is making it USEFUL. Not just stuff but things people actually want and can uses. By offering a lot of useful bonuses your offer is more appealing to your customers.

eBooks and Reports

You are an expert on subject topics within your niche. You need the confidence to put your knowledge on to digital paper. If you have ever written a book report in school you can created a report or eBook that you can deliver that will be completely unique because this is YOUR original content.

You can always have this outsourced as well if you choose to speed up the process.


People love training videos to teach them what they want to know. This is the digital age and this is the format they want to learn through.

By creating short videos and presentations you can use these as bonuses. This will not only create content for you it will also build your brand that is equally important.


Most people these days are so busy and on the go. Audio recordings of videos and training are valuable because they can easily be add to your subscribers smart phones or any device they use to listen to music or audio. They can now learn and take advantage of your bonus as they go through their busy schedules trying to build an online business.

Group Coaching Calls

This is a bonus that you do not have to deliver up front and can be completed after the promotion is over.

These coaching calls can be delivered as a teleconference or webinar. You can be live on camera or use a presentation to deliver to your subscribers.

Create a presentation related to the product you are promoting that will help them use the product better and be more successful.

You can also invite the product creator on to the call to show your audience that you care about them and are going to deliver secrets about the product that they cannot get with anyone else.


Exclusive interviews are AWESOME bonuses to deliver to your subscribers and customers. These are extremely easy to do and are high perceived value as a bonus.

By asking product vendors for an interview is a great way to deliver good content about the product you are promoting to your audience. These interviews can be used to deliver insider tips and tricks about the product to increase your conversion from your bonus page increasing your sales. Interviews can also be transcribed into eBooks or audio recordings if you interviewed your expert live.

PLR Content

Using private label rights is a great tool to use to create bonuses but you need to do it the right way. When using PLR content to create your bonuses you will need to completely change the content to be unique to you.

What do I mean by that?

PLR content is purchased by hundreds or even thousands of people and you want to make sure your bonus is unique right, so you want to change the content to be your own.

Changing the graphics is the first step in making your private label rights content unique. It is easy to have graphics created for your new product. You can use sites like or the Warrior Forum to have eBook covers and graphics created inexpensively.

Next you want to review the content and make sure it is good quality and make any updates or changes that you think are necessary to reflect what you are trying to deliver to your audience.

Repurpose Your Own Content

Using what you already have is the quickest and easiest way to make unique bonuses your subscribers will love.

If you have ever created a report, a video, an email series for a promotion, etc. Anything that you have created in the past for your niche you can turn into another product bonus.

For example if you have recorded a video that has taught something you can turn that into an audio recording by extract the audio from the video for people on the go to listen to your training. You can have the audio transcribed into a report or eBook for those that like to read. You can even bundle all the videos you have created into a bigger package for a bonus.

Affiliates Bonus Page Anatomy

Your bonus page should be fun and look similar to the main offer of the product you are promoting. Maybe you can get a mini site template from the vendor. A lot of product creators offer a bonus and a bonus template together for their affiliates. You can always ask the vendor and see if they have one and tell them you want to make a bonus page. We can start a bonus that is fun, exciting, and would look the same as the front end offer.

The headline of your bonus page is the most important thing on your page. Without a strong headline your visitors will not stay on your page and you will lose out on sales.

Just under your headline you should include a countdown timer to show when your bonus offer will be ending and no longer available. This is a great way to increase the scarcity and urgency of your amazing bonus to increase your conversions.

All the bonuses that you are offer need to have great descriptions to describer what they are and how they can help the user. Treat this part as copywriting. These descriptions will explain to the visitors what they get and how it helps them.

Take time here and make sure you don’t just fly by this. This is important to show that you took time to create your offer for your subscribers. It fills up the page and looks complete and not just thrown together to grab their money.

You bonus page should include a cool bonus offer video that would tell your customers about the good things about your bonus, how it works and how interesting it is. Also, don’t forget about the launching of the product. Bonus comes in a long way.

You are going to show to them the review of the product, go through review access, then go through the e-book, videos. Tell them what’s in there and tell them what they are going to learn. Tell them what’s your bonus is about. I included this, this is going to help you do this much better, this product is missing something, and this bonus is going to fill that gap. That’s how a bonus deal should work.

Creating an attention-grabbing headline actually takes work and there is some science behind it.

Being able to connect with your visitors intellectually and emotionally will make sure they continue down past the fold of your page and see what you are offering.

Use A Headline Analyzer

A headline analyzer is a tool used to analyze a headline to evaluate the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. Connecting with your customers deeply and emotionally is very essential in successful copywriting.

Basically, a headline is assessed and rated according to the total number of EMV words it has in relation to the total number of words it contains. After being analyzed based on the following criteria, the tool will show the EMV score of your headline.

Aside from the EMV score, the headline analyzer also points out a particular emotion your headlines possess which causes more impacts to the customers. These include intellectual, empathetic and spiritual impacts.

The intellectual emotion refers to the effective way of offering products and services that needs a higher degree of reasoning and careful evaluation. Empathetic emotion focus on how a headline carries a strong positive reaction with people and connects with them. While, spiritual aspect has the most powerful influence that reach out people up to their deepest emotional level. The following emotions define a headline’s emotional property and how it influence and create an impact with customers’ emotion and perception.

Calculating your bonus value is something you can use in your favour over your competition. By adding the estimated value of each of your bonuses you then calculate the overall bonus value that you can add to your headline.

For example if you usually generate 10 sales during a promotion and the total of all your bonuses combined equal $5,000. You can add to your headline the total value of all the bonuses you are going to give away….$50,000.

Your headline could read something like “Get My $50,000 Product Bonus”. Sound a lot better that $5,000 right?

The bonus page video is a key component that is often missed by affiliate when creating bonus offers.

Share Your Excitement!

You want to share your excitement about the product and your bonus and how your bonus can help them.

Start by making a video showing how interesting and exciting the product is and your bonuses are. Those extra little “bonuses” really do make the vendors products irresistible and showing something that is special to be purchased makes a very appealing impression. To generate interest and excitement, you should promote how helpful your bonus is.

Do A Review Of The Product

For many reasons, a product review would help you to improve your conversions and have a chance to gain more sales. Product reviews are so good for your bonus offers but they are not that easy as the ABCs. There are a countless number of benefits you can gain from writing or recording product reviews.

You can make more affiliate sales quickly when you deliver the inside view to a potential customer because they can see what they are actually buying. By having a product review, you will establish more authority and integrity because you can show them exactly what they will purchase. Not all affiliates can get review access to products so you can provide more value to them. In addition, you are more knowledgeable of the product and earned confidence.

There are several steps in creating a good product review. First is to get to know the product. To know the product better, you might use the product, see the product or even own it. Secondly, be honest to earn more affiliate sales. Of course, you don’t want to hurt someone’s feeling but you have to tell the truth about the product. Don’t worry much if you write something that made someone upset. Thirdly, in making reviews consider that people would stop reading and think that they have already much information about it. Make sure that all the important information is seen first. It’s highly recommended to include the products unique features, the people it will benefit most and the image of product.

Give A Tour Of The Members Area

If the product is delivered through a member’s area try and get access from the vendor so that you can give a virtual tour to your subscribers.

By walking them through all the areas of the members area include the upgraded sections this will help your conversion to not only the front end sale but also the upsells throughout the funnel because they can see everything they are getting when they upgrade so they won’t have to think about the one time offers as they appear they will have already made up their mind an purchase.

Show How Your Bonuses Compliment The Product

The first thing you should know about good bonuses, is that they are designed to add value and make potential customers feel comfortable about their purchase. A bonus should be something that increases the value of a product and makes it more appealing to the consumer. It has to offer something good and helpful, and for that reason they will decide to purchase the product.

In addition, a bonus should be something feasible. You have to make sure that people are also convinced that the great bonus you are offering is existing or realistic.

In order to show that your bonus fits the product, it should complement what you are promoting. Yet, there are still many people who use bonuses that have nothing to do with the main product itself because they think that offering and giving away anything and everything will add the perceived value of their program. Say for example, if you were selling a Photoshop tutorial video and the bonus of the product is a digital audio workstation, it wouldn’t really work. If the bonus of the product were something that is really unrelated and different, it would be more likely ignored.

A product that would be more appropriate and suited for the given example should be something that a designer would desire. Since you are targeting designers as your potential customer, the bonus should be something that would help the designers. For instance, a designing template, tool and any helpful thing about designing are a relevant bonus. This would show the relevance of your bonus to its main product making the bonus itself useful to the main product. This is definitely a compelling reason for people to buy your product.

It’s natural for buyers to desire to get more for what they are paying and for their time, and using bonus is an easy way for you to provide them. At the same time, the easiest way for you to convert more sales is to offer everyone a killer bonus. Regardless of your method, nothing is more appealing than a sweet bonus that will help them get closer to their goals and that is to avail a great offer.

You should know the most essential thing about offering a bonus is that it’s all about value. You’re not aiming just to provide a bonus just to simply to allow people get what they want. Actually your goal is to provide more value to your audience and give them a greater experience with you.


For several reasons, the eBook is something that really stands out today as a bonus. Considering the increasing number of people with their e-Readers and their passion in reading even in any places. People on their desktop computers may also able to enjoy a free eBook for pursuit of learning or their interest in specific things.

Another creative idea in marketing is giving the book away on another website in order increase your own website traffic.

People would click the link to see and know more about the free offer. In addition, you can put your links or banners inside the eBook, to keep people reminded about the bonus offer.

Private Label Rights Content

Private label rights are defined as a license where the owner sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work.

The license is used for different digital products such as ebooks, software, articles, graphic templates etc. Usually the price of a single unit is lower in general than creating a similar product from nothing. The main reason is the great number of buyers buying the same kind of product. However if the number of competing marketers using the same content is reduced, the distribution of the private label content would be limited as well.

Private label rights are products where the content is already prepared and you can actually buy its ownership. This is a good choice if you don’t have your own content. This would save time and effort and you can use it as your bonus right away. You are given the option to edit it if you want sort of revisions.


Using video as a bonus to create additional value for your product is a good method. Videos can definitely add to the value of your product since it helps the user to understand the product better and it is what they are usually looking for.

Videos could be a tutorial video intended to guide or provide supplementary knowledge to help the product’s users. Customers are more exposed and more comfortable with a visual experience than printed or written words. In addition, videos are ideal and very effective for step-by-step learning process

Products That Can Be Delivered Later

By having the ability to create your bonuses later is a big time saver and can make your bonuses completely unique.

Examples are group calls or webinars, teleconferences, website critiques or even traffic offers. Also these types of bonuses can be repurposed and used for other needs in your business.

Interviews If you don’t know much about the product you can try interviews. Interviews have helped many people to sell their products. People can clearly see the value in them. People also consider you as an expert as your name appears together with other valuable people in your niche.

You may try conducting an interview with the product owner of the product you are promoting. Ask them about commonly asked questions regarding the product. You may also ask them things that are not part of their product that would benefit the customers.

Consider how long and what is the content of the interviews you will conduct. It will help you to decide of the right time and place to offer them a bonus. You can do either a short 1 question interviews or long 3 hour interviews.

Again, you can repurpose your interview into a transcript or eBook.


Use graphics to make your bonuses better. In addition, you can use graphics in your bonus depending on the kind of bonus. Based on some studies, about 60% of people are visual learners. This makes visual tools like graphics and designs effective in conveying messages.

In fact, visual tools can even direct and influence the process of decision making of readers because more than two thirds of consumers regard images to bring more weight than reviews, ratings, and descriptions of products.

Graphics are catchy and appealing that can help the person to visualize the thing they’re getting, and usually increase the perceived value of the bonus. In other words graphics have their strong visual impact that can affect other important factors such as impressions, expectation and perception.

These factors help to increase marketing value and increase the number of sales in the long run.

Push button software or plugins

If you want to make your bonus more attractive, consider using software or tools to offer great advantages in your offer.

Software and other tools are usually expensive. When you offer a free tool as a bonus, the users would definitely take the chance to make the purchase immediately.

They are categorized as rare and rarity equals exclusivity, which makes it more desirable to the customers. Software and tools are always needed and an additional tool for content creation products is easy to actually purchase.

A very irresistible offer for example is a product related to photography and the bonus is an editing tool, which has a high value. Also, it’s relevant to the product, making it more attractive and desirable.

Having good high quality graphics for anything you do online for your business is crucial and having graphics for your bonus offer is not different. It set the stage on how your offer will be perceived by your audience.

Related To Main Product

In order for marketers to enhance the communication with others and to represent ideas in an effective and beautiful way in promoting products, graphic design is utilized to improve the pages esthetics. Graphics represent the business’ image in general. It is a strong and powerful tool to promote a strong and quality brand.

In fact it’s one of the easiest ways to establish engagements and sense of communication between the product promotion and the consumers.

Therefore, it serves to be a creative, innovative and highly recommended component to your business and marketing goals.

The graphics are designed to correlate with a product. This is a very relevant factor in studying how consumers decide in purchasing a product.

The appearance of a product is attributed to how it is being designed, and it also reflects how the consumers think of a product.

Examining how graphic design and other visual tools work would give us a way of understanding how consumers perceive the physical appearance of a product. This consumers’ perception on the physical features affects how they distinguish the appearance of quality products.

It is very important to know that graphics play an integral role in the decision making process. All forms to represent the brand should be visually similar to establish trust and confidence to make sure that the rand is recognizable. A much-needed consistency in your brand can be provided by a quality made graphics.

By creating graphics that look like the product your are promoting and creating titles for your bonuses that relate and are similar to the main product gives the consumers the confidence that these bonuses are not just things but they are actually connected to the product to help them

Theme Graphics

One important reason in setting a theme is to unify a set of design elements and color system for your page. This is to give your page an appealing and consistent appearance. Applying a certain theme is also the quickest way to put up interest to you page and to make it more professional to see.

A theme affects various aspects comprising the page’s appearance. First, a theme uses a color scheme to set the color of body text, headings, hyperlinks, page banner text, link bar labels, table borders, and the page background. You can use a normal or vivid color set.

A theme also uses graphics for some components of the page, such as the background picture, bullets, navigation buttons, the page banner, and horizontal lines.

You can use either the normal or active graphic set. The active graphic set contains animated page components like the hover buttons instead of plain buttons on navigation bars. A theme uses its own fonts for the headings and body text.

Themes allow you to manage how your page would look like in one place. All changes can be done in one operation like when you select one theme to be your default theme for your page or site and this can be applied through all existing pages. If you add new pages later same theme is applied. You can also of apply themes to other individual pages.

Images For Every Product On The Page

Images are so powerful that they can do a lot of functions. Images can persuade, motivate, and convey a message and other incredible things. When images are used properly, they can actually help you to earn sales. Selling a product with a complementing picture is already part of a marketing strategy. Remember how some good pictures of foods added to a restaurant menu can make you feel buying the food. This simple strategy can actually raise sales of a product by as much as 30%.

When it comes to selling your bonus offer, images are also applicable. Whether you want to show your product or how great your bonus is on the bonus page, consumers want to examine an image in order to visualize the product. If it makes a good impression to the shopper, more likely you can make a sale.

People depend on images to relay information, get more ideas and educate themselves of things of their interest. Same true with using images in business works. Images help people to have an encounter with your product or services than just reading written content or information.

However, we don’t just add any kind of images for our product. We have to use high quality images, photos and illustrations that uplift and enhance the product or that would surely make people excited and motivated to learn more.

Furthermore, we don’t just use images to encourage people or to get good impressions but also to build a sense of credibility and to connect with our prospects and customers effectively. Potential buyers should see clearly the details and great features of a product you’re promoting to make them feel more secured that you sell exactly what you promised.

In addition, when you use high-quality images that demonstrate the product or services and the company values very well, you will also build a good and trusted brand.

By using images to your product or bonus you can make your messages more interesting especially when people are more attentive to visuals than text.

In some cases you need visual to convince the prospects to buy or you need both. Meanwhile, some people like to scan ads, or website photos and illustrations in order to check quickly whether they want the offer or not.

Deliver Your Affiliate Bonus In A Timely Manner

When you promise to give something you should give it right away. Buyers will be very excited to receive the special bonus that they will receive and perhaps the primary reason why they purchase through your affiliate link.

Aside from all other marketing strategy, delivering your bonus on time is the best way to earn their trust and support. In fact, as much as you want more customers and prospects to come, keeping the same buyers is even better. And giving them disappointment by giving the promised bonus late would certainly hurt your business and reputation. Be extra careful and be responsible. You can use different methods of delivering bonus content to the buyers and deliver them in a timely manner.

You can do it manually through email. When a purchase of a product is made, make sure to ask them for the receipt or any other proof of payment for the purchased product and let them send it off via e-mail. Then, the bonus will be send through email too.

The other way is to do it through automation. By using popular marketplace websites, your customers can be directed to a “bonus page‟ where the buyer can claim their bonuses. Though it is more effort and expensive than going manual, you will need automation to make things easier for you especially when you are making a thousand sales.

Utilize A Membership Site

Using a membership site to deliver your bonuses is an underutilized method that can create more affiliate sales after the initial promotion. Because all of your bonuses are hosted and delivered from one location your customers will now be able to see your other affiliate bonuses and potentially buy other products through your affiliate links from within your bonus delivery membership site.

As your affiliate business grows this is a great way to be able to duplicate successful promotions and delivery pages.

More Opportunity To Make Affiliate Commissions

You might be adventurous and try to win affiliate contests. Product vendors organize affiliate contests as a competition where the one with the most number of sales in a given period of time will win a prize.

These are used as incentives by the vendor to increase the number of affiliates that support and get onboard their product launch.

In order to increase your sales for the affiliate contest, you can use the scarcity factor as your sales technique. This technique creates a sense of urgency for customers to purchase a product through your affiliate link by presenting it as limited or limited for a short period of time.

A good strategy is to join forces with other affiliates to create super bonuses to increase your sales and as a team you can win the affiliate contest to put some extra cash in your pockets. You have extra value in your bonuses because you are leveraging each other’s efforts.

Perceived Exclusivity Of Your Affiliate Bonus Offers

Lastly, being one of a kind is a characteristic that your bonus offers should have. Making the bonus rare or making it hard to find in any other place is actually a great advantage. The reason is that an exclusive bonus offer would contribute to the product’s value and making it more desirable.

The simple idea is to offer the customers something that they can’t find with other affiliates. In other words, be different to make your products in demand and necessary. If your product would be just something very ordinary then it would not naturally make a great sale.

Easy To Duplicate For Another Promotion

Your bonus offer is not only good for a one time promotion. Remember you have spent a lot of time and effort in formulating ideas and getting necessary things done to come up with such a great offer. If you’re going to duplicate the same great offer for another promotion you will surely save time and energy for not doing the same thing again. Nevertheless, you can use the same offer with the same great result if you have made it doable with other promotions.

Have you decided what form of bonus you’re going to take?

Your next step is to learn how to distribute your bonuses to your customers. This is the time you can do your responsibility of fulfilling your promises – the BONUS.

Verify Purchase Transactions

Before you give access to your awesome bonus you need to verify that the customer actually purchased through your affiliate link.

Although manually verifying transactions seems to be a time consuming task it is important to ensure that you are not giving access to those who did not purchase through your link. This is not fair to those that did.

Have the customer submit a support ticket requesting access to your bonus. Have them submit their purchase transaction information so you can verify their purchase. Once you have verified the transaction simply create a user account and password for the user and send them the login details via the support ticket. That’s it!

Subject Lines – Headline Analyzer

Your subject line IS the first thing your subscriber will see when your email hits their inbox. This is very important because you need to captivate their attention as fast as possible to give you a greater chance they open your email and earn potential customers.

Its like first impression lasts. To have a good impression is by having an impressive and catchy headline to separate you from all the other affiliates.

It’s true that there are a lot of various strategies to compose a successful subject lines. However, most of these appeals to feelings or emotions of your audiences. Their feeling should be given importance because feelings are so influential. Feelings are powerful.

Like I showed you above Advanced Marketing Institute have described the quality of a headline based on its capacity to awaken emotions of your readers as Emotional Marketing Value or EMV.

Research has shown a direct relationship between EMV and the significant level of engagement.

Furthermore, this suggests that EMV can be a useful measurement in formulating subject lines that cause greater degree of consciousness and curiosity to the recipients that results in higher email open rates.

Sequence And Delivery Timing Of Affiliate Bonuses

When you are designing your email sequence for your promotional campaign you need to consider how you are going to engage them for the entire promotion.

First, you want to schedule your emails with specific delivery frequency to show your support for the product and increase urgency over time.

Many marketers are afraid to send emails to their list and only advise to mail your list only once per day. DON’T BE AFRAID TO EMAIL YOUR LIST….EVER. If you have something of value to say your subscribers will appreciate you for it.

Now, if you follow this template you will make more sales towards the end of a promotion for two reasons. One, many marketers do not follow through an entire promotion and try to jump on the next big thing. Second, you will increase urgency and frequency in your mailings getting your emails in your subscribers’ inbox more often.

In the beginning of your promotion you will email your subscribers as normal. One or two emails daily. The last three days of the launch you will increase your frequency as indicated here:

Day 1: Send 1 Email

Day 2: Send 2 Emails (9 AM and 6 PM)

Day 3: Send 3 Emails (9 AM, 6 PM and 10 PM)

Using this formula you will stand out from the crowd and increase your affiliate commissions.

Vendor Supplied Email Swipe

Good product vendors will provide email swipe to affiliates to use for their product launches. This email swipe is a good start for you to create your email promotion from.

You will want to take the time to rewrite these emails into your own voice how you communicate with your subscribers so it feels like you are speaking to them and not coming from a stranger.

Also, by using the email swipes, as a guide and rewriting them will help your emails get to your subscribers inbox ahead of other affiliates that don’t take the time to engage their subscribers. By changing the email body text your emails won’t end up in the spam box like the other affiliates because your emails are unique and not flagged by email service providers.

FB Pixels and Ads

If you have the correct strategies, affiliate marketing on Facebook can be profitable and effective. Affiliate marketers do business promotion in many ways by finding new ways to reach a larger audience strategically.

Facebook advertising can be a cost efficient strategy. The advertiser benefits since they only pay for direct results.

Facebook Ads is a great way to take a part of Facebook’s population to get into your Facebook page, affiliate site, squeeze page, or offers. One good thing about Facebook is that it contains information about users’ locations, ages, and most importantly their general interest, which is a helpful in getting traffic to an offer quickly.

There are several ways to set up Facebook Ads. From your Facebook account you can find an option to create an ad, and as you go along you will encounter options depending on different goals. For example, if you want more engagements and interactions from people to your page you may choose the top option. Then, send your ads to a squeeze page and get them to your website content or offers.

The next step would give link to your ad and to your Facebook page that enable your page to get more publicity.

At the same time, it helps to establish the association between your Facebook page and your affiliate site. Then, you have to do is to bring your ads to the right people or the target market of your affiliate site. In order to hit the best audiences, include genders, locations, ages, languages and interests to your ad.

Finally, make sure to enter your account settings, plus your currency, country, and time zone. Have your budget fixed for a specific period of time and then either set the ad to run, or start and end on specific dates. How your Facebook ads works in promotion, consider factors like marketplace competition, target audience, and ad performance history.

Facebook pixels should be placed on every website and every page you have in your business to collect all the demographic information you need to target your desired audience.

Facebook Live Video

Facebook live video is a breakthrough for Facebook users but also for affiliate marketers. Though, Facebook is not the first one among existing content platforms to do live video streaming. Other platforms such as Google had developed a Hangout brand which is in demand in the market especially designed for live lectures and webinars.

While posting videos in other platforms like Periscope and Snapchat is so available for everyone, but the videos are not permanent. They vanished after a period of time. But Facebook has a different story. Currently, all Facebook users are encouraged to enjoy sharing posts on their timeline without the worry that it can be expired except deleted by the user.

Facebook’s live video streaming gives the users the chance to broadcast, live, to their friends or page followers. However, unlike in other platforms, the video is automatically saved on the user’s timeline.

You can use this platform to reach your followers and tell them about your current promotions and educate them on reasons why they need your bonus.

Get creative with your promotions and using live video separates you from all the other affiliates. You can use Facebook ads to boost your video views and a very inexpensive campaign cost.


Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook, provides the most powerful visual content and this is definitely a competitive advantage. Instagram is the best platform to share content and establish a strong brand.

Instagram possesses a great market consists of age group of 25-34-year-olds, making it an effective marketing tool for your brand. Since, Instagram is obviously a visual platform, make sure to have a good amount of creativity in order to stand out in the market made up of millions of users and other competitive and innovative brands.

People have a great appeal and connection to emotions that makes Instagram and other visual-oriented platforms popular nowadays. For you to reach a wider range of audiences, hashtags are very helpful. They help you to find images on topics that you are more interested. About 70% of users look for a brand on Instagram! These people are actively searching for their preferred brands or other interesting items. While, 41% of users would keep following a brand for a great offer.


Reddit is basically known to be a social media, social news website, discussion website and web content writing. Just like other sites such as Facebook and twitter, which serves as a message board that enable users to submit links.

Unlike other sites the stream of content in Reddit is rated as ‘upvoted’ or ‘downvoted’ base on level of value by the registered members of the community. This is very important in order to determine the position of a post in the site where items hitting the front page received higher number of views.

Content entries are organized based on the areas of interest called ‘subreddits’ which include topics such as news, gaming, science, music, books, movies, fitness, food, image-sharing and many more.

You have to be more observant in the Reddit community by checking out what people are talking about in the comment threads and see how content moves around at least once a day. Reddit is naturally a discussion website with areas for discussion allowing users to discuss links that are posted and voting for or against others’ comments.

This property makes Reddit so self-referential where you can see how referencing works.

For an instance you can see something posted that are defined clearly and then you explain something in the comments that will help you to gain votes to top the thread. Your comments are undeniably the most interesting and important part of the site.

Reddit offers free account registration and it doesn’t require an email address for the members to complete the registration. There were already 36 million user accounts as of June 2015. The redditors are entitled to vote for comments and submissions. Comments and submissions are sometimes abbreviated and some terms are used within the Reddit community such as Op for original poster or NSFW or not safe for work. If you have posted a humorous and highly quality content post then you will be lucky to receive ‘Reddit gold’.

Reddit Tips

– Make competitors as your first choice of business.

– Make use of the things that they failed to advertise.

– Always choose the right subreddit for the post and make sure that you read the rules to avoid getting blocked.

– Never be a marketer when using reddit, be a redditor.

– Publish Ads in Reddits when the credibility of the account is built. Remember: All the redditors can see all the previous posts you did from the very beginning by just looking at your profile. When they sense a marketer you might get reported to the admin, after this expect to be shadow-banned.

One of the fastest ways to make money online is to be an affiliate and promote other people’s product. Let’s make it clear. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated.

Affiliate marketing strategies have a simple concept. You are selling a product or service for others. All you need to do is to make a sale. Therefore you can earn money through commission, without having your own product. It is easy and simple but you can make profit by just making your focus to sell a product as an affiliate.

The process of affiliate marketing comes in three ways: First, start by choosing a product you like. Second, promote it in the most efficient way you can and offer an AWESOME bonus.

Lastly, the best part is – make a profit out of it!

Selling products for other people means that you are earning for yourself as well. So, everyone who does business in affiliate marketing needs to have an affiliate link where all your payments and purchases made are tracked. Then you get paid with commissions based on the number of sales.

Remember that in any business, how much you earn is based on how much you work. Therefore do your best to create the best marketing campaigns to make it effective and productive.

So what is the best way we can offer to achieve the best, effective and productive marketing campaign? That’s why we introduced the good things about having a great bonus offer. Bonuses are designed to convince the potential customer to buy through your affiliate link and not from another affiliate. This is to get a sale in the midst of competition.

Remember, your goal is to convert subscribers into buyers to get more sales. Thus think that the customers want to get something that adds value or are more valuable than the price. Think like you’re a customer. Bonuses mean more value to the product. Create a great bonus and great promotions that will make a great edge and would truly excel in the market. It is very important for you to take good promotions and create a proper campaign that will generate sales for you. So, selecting a proper product is very important.

But everyone makes a bonus offer, right?

Nope…Most do not and are lazy.

How To Convert Subscribers Into Sales

The easiest way for you to convert subscribers into more sales is to offer everyone a KILLER BONUS OFFER. Regardless of your method, nothing is more appealing than a sweet bonus that will help them get closer to their goals and that is to avail a great offer.

There are different ways to make a killer bonus offer and we have discussed all of these in this training guide. We discussed about creating a good bonus page, plus how to deliver the bonus content and even using other effective alternatives particularly social media to widen your affiliate marketing strategy.

We have tackled all issues that might affect your goal to be a great affiliate marketer. We talked about your journey in affiliate marketing and we make things to be ready in your career as an affiliate marketer.

Thank you for reading this far, please do well to share with others.




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